Sunday, January 25, 2015

Public Notice and Appeal for Business Trademark Infringement.

Public Notice and Appeal.

This is to bring under public notice about the Business Trademark Infringement by Action Taxi and its associates.

Please don't be mislead by Action Taxi, who has been advertising as Brentwood Franklin Taxi, Franklin Taxi and Brentwood Taxi. 

One of the review listed below: 

We at A-1 Brentwood Franklin Taxi urge and appeal to the public in Williamson County that we are not affiliated with Action Taxi. We are not responsible for Action Taxi's interaction in Brentwood and Franklin areas of Williamson County Tennessee.
So called Action Taxi is not a licensed Taxi Cab in fact it has been labelled as Gypsy or illegal Taxi Cab operations by News Channels and Metropolitan Licensing Commission of Nashville TN.

Listen to this News and
you will be surprised!

Copy of previous letters of advice from our attorney to Action Taxi and Abraham Masi is also available for view: Click here.

A-1 Brentwood Franklin Taxi's legal department is looking into this matter very seriously this time and we will not let any Gypsy Car or illegal Taxi service use our reputed Business names.

The copies of our Trademark Names along with the attorney's letter for Cease & Desist  have been forwarded to all the major search engines and online web directories for immediate action.

We, at A-1 Brentwood Franklin Taxi, don't report or  enforce the laws for the operations of illegal Gypsy Taxi or car services because it is not our job, but we definitely don't want these illegal companies using our Business names to market themselves and mislead people in our service areas.


Report any unusual activity to A-1 Brentwood Franklin Taxi at (615) 373-8294 or, so we can compile a strong case effectively.

Your support in this matter would be highly appreciated.

Being a media person and after doing more research, we also found out
that this Gypsy Cab is not even legally licensed in Williamson County. As per
licensing codes in Williamson County the only licensed Taxi Company registered
with them is   A-1 Brentwood Franklin Taxi.

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